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*JULY DEAL* GENERAL DIRTBIKE SERVICE - $165.00 (Check out our socials or enquire for more information)


Let the specialised suspension team at MXRP take a give your shocks the rebuild they are more than likely over due for …..

As we all know over time the continued forces and wear can make any ones shocks get sloppy and effect there performance.

  • Replace all seals
  • Replace bushings
  • Replace Bumpstop
  • Revalve the forks and shocks
  • Re-gas and / or re-Oil
MXRP - Suspension Rebuild


Let the specialised team at MXRP tune your suspension set up for you and your bike.

From Motocross, Enduro, Adventure, Road & Road Racing we can set up your suspension specifically for you and your riding style

  • Suspension Travel
  • Spring rate
  • Compression / Rebound damping
  • Adjustments for riding height
  • Comfort & Performance
MXRP - Mobile Service Truck
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